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So, you’re taking a trip to good ole Firenze?
I know you’ve probably read tons of blog posts on what to do and where to explore, but here’s a post on what to eat. Personally, I think that’s most important! Shortly after arriving in Italy I discovered you can’t just stop at any cafe, bar, or restaurant if you want to have an Italian meal that’ll live up to Italy’s reputation. Once I came to this conclusion, I decided to only try eateries if they were recommended to me, and from then on I never had a meal that was anything less than delizioso!

Here’s a list I compiled of the places I personally tried and loved, during my time in Italy!

Breakfast & Coffee-

Ditta Artigianale– Via De’ Neri 32/R : Ditta has the best cappuccino! They also have a location across the Arno.

Sit’N’Breakfast– Via San Gallo, 21/R : A cappuccino is only 1.20 euro here! My apartment was located right beside of this cafe, so I visited often. They also don’t mind if you take your laptop out and stay a while (hence the name).

La Ménagére – Via Dè Ginori, 8/R : La Ménagére has the cutest ambiance, but don’t just take my word for it! Check out their Instagram! You won’t be sorry. I took my parents here several times during their visit, and they loved it. Mostly because of the cool atmosphere, and the fact that they have a few American food options. It’s not the most authentic Italian cafe, but then again La Ménagére is French!

You can get a crescent + iced coffee for about 4.50 euro. If you get a full meal it can be a little more pricey,  but so yummy. Definitely, worth the visit! They can be a little weird about students taking out laptops to work because they know that means you’re going to stay awhile. So, they may ask you to go downstairs, or sit outside, if they see you have a laptop with you! All of the workers speak English very well too.

Hemingway Firenze – Piazza Piattellina, 9 : We found this gem while wandering across the Arno on a rainy Sunday. It is truly a locals place! Our professor was surprised when we told her we visited. They are known for their cioccolata calda (hot chocolate), but also serve desserts and coffee! One hot chocolate is 5 euro, but so worth it!


Panini Toscani – Piazza del Duomo, 34R : This is my favorite panini shop in Florence! Above the store, it says “slow food.” Something about that I really admire. The sweetest old man allows 3-4 customers into the shop to sample 4 different kinds of cheese, meat, and bread. Pick your favorites, and you’re on your way to the best sandwich of your life!

Sandwich Chic – Via San Gallo, 3/R : Ok, this is the only place on the list that I haven’t tried myself, but the majority of my friends have! I’ve only heard positive things. It’s worth the try + there are a ton of reviews on Trip Advisor (& it has 5 stars)

All’Antico Vinaio – Via dei Neri, 74/R : This is probably the most popular sandwich shop in Florence, and you can tell it too by the super long line that flows out of the entryway. No worries though! It moves super fast. For about 5 euros you’ll get a panini the size of your face! So, make sure you’re plenty hungry.


Osteria Santo Spirito -Piazza Santo Spirito, 16/R : This restaurant is located across the river, but is totally worth the walk! Try and make a reservation, but if you don’t it’s okay. We never had to wait too long. Do yourself a favor though, and order the truffle gnocchi! You won’t regret it if you do!

Trattoria ZàZà – Piazza del Mercato Centrale, 26/R : I’ve eaten here a few times and it was great each time! I really liked the grilled chicken truffle. It was a nice change from pasta, pasta, and more pasta.

Aqua Al 2 -Via della Vigna Vecchia, 40/R : I recommend ordering the sample pasta! They brought out four small portions of different kinds of pasta that were awesome. My friends really liked the gnocchi alla vodka too.

Pizzeria O’ Scugnizzo – via dell’ otto 25/r 7-11:30 : MY FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE. Just to prepare yourself; it’s across the river, doesn’t open until 7:00 pm, super casual and small, and serve yourself! Also, no one speaks English 🙂 Again, so worth it.

O’ Munaciello – Via Mafia 31/R : This restaurant has a cool atmosphere. Perfect for group dinners, but not definitely not necessary. It’s also located across the river, and full of locals! My professor highly recommended it too.

Mercato Centrale – The market has a huge variety of fresh, authentic Italian cuisine and more. I ate there often because it was so close to my apartment. I recommend trying an “Il Trappizzino” or an “Arancini”! You really can’t go wrong here! Read more about the Central Market here.


Amblé – Piazzetta dei Del Bene, 7/A : Another local spot, Amble is perfect for Apertivo! The works are super friendly too.

La Terrazza Caffé-Piazza della Repubblica, 4 : This is a must find if even just for the view. It is rooftop cafe inside of La Rinascente! Read more about the rooftop cafe (including how to find it) here.


Vivoli -Via dell’Isola delle Stinche, 7/R : I love this gelateria! They have a rice pudding flavor that is oddly amazing. 

My Sugar – Via de’ Ginori, 49/red : MY FAVORITE GELATERIA. I love the rose & chocolate chianti flavors! 


January 18, 2018