To Wish List

Happy Snow day! I haven’t seen this much fluffy snow in our part of NC a long while. Plus, class is cancelled for the second day in a row, so I’m one happy girl now.
If you’ve read any of my previous posts (here, here, or here) as of late you’ve probably noticed the common theme on experiences. Being that I hope to invest more in experiences in the new year, I thought it would be fun to continue the topic by sharing my To Wish List!

You may have heard chatter over the controversy of the term “Bucket List.” (and if you haven’t just google the term and you’ll quickly be enlightened!) Simply put, the term “Bucket List” negatively associates the things you wish to do in your lifetime with the deadline of death. I’m sure we’d all like to tick off our wish list items before we reach the brink of death. That’s why I prefer to call mine a “To Wish List!” Better than my To Do List, and more positive than a Bucket list. Hopefully, I’ll be able to check some of these off in 2018!
Do you have a To Wish List? I’d love to hear some of the things on your list! I’m always open to expanding mine. Or are the things on your list similar to mine!? Here it goes…

To Wish List:

  1. Learn to Shag (well)
  2. Learn to sail
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Go to the Magnolia Market
  5. Go deep-sea fishing
  6. Be apart of a flash mob
  7. Learn how to stain glass
  8. Learn how to blow glass
  9. Learn to surf
  10. Go on a safari

p.s. there is a running list of places I wish to go to in my lifetime, but it’s pretty long (I’ve got the travel bug)! I thought my Wish list activities are a little more interesting.
p.s.s. Shop this look from my time in Snowshoe, WV, at the end of this post!
Love Always,
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Purple Turtle Sweater

Fun Fact: My favorite color has always been, and probably always will be, purple! When I was little my older sister loved pink so much that she would throw a fit if I wore it. We are 21 months apart in age, so pretty close. Our mom always dressed us alike, but would put McCoy in pink and by default, I wore purple. Ever since then, it’s been my favorite color. Honestly, I think stores don’t sell enough purple apparel, but you can rest assured, when they do, I buy it.
When I was in Italy I told Will I wanted to invest in more experiences together instead of exchanging Christmas gifts. After spending most of my semester creating experiences without him I felt pretty strongly about wanting to take a trip together. So, we did! We drove 8 or so hours to Snowshoe, WV, with his sister and her husband just after New Year. Will and I both learned to snowboard last year while on a family vacation. I learned to snow ski when I was three years old. My family goes on a ski trip almost every year. After I had surgery on my knee senior year of high school, I decided I would switch to snowboarding the next year, because many people have told me it is easier on your knees than snow skiing! And I concur. Although, we both had a rough time learning (Most people do! It’s a lot of falling and getting back up just to fall again!) how to snowboard, it was definitely worth it! Will and I had so much fun boarding together. I feel like he’s always dragging me to sporting events, and I’m always making him do things I like to do. It was far more enjoyable spending our time doing something we both love.
Now, back to the apparel! My purple sweater is under $20 and super soft. I paired it with my black Topshop denim that I constantly wear on repeat, warm UGGs, and a little beanie. The temperatures were below zero while we were there so layers were key!

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Fitting Room Diaries : Nordstrom

Fitting Room Diaries : Nordstrom

My day began with a morning greeting from two painters unexpectedly arriving at my apartment to paint over the polka dots of spackle on my new apartment walls. Of course, our unannounced visitors caught both Bodie and I off guard, so I grabbed a change clothes, a bowl full of dog food and moved into the living to let them work. Anyways, I decided to run a few errands so that I could get out of their way, and ended up at Nordstrom at the Southpoint Mall. I intended to exchange the Jeffrey Campbell booties from my Instagram story a few days ago, but they didn’t have my size left! Instead, I shopped around the store. It didn’t take me long to find an arm full of items I loved.
I thought it would be fun to do a little try on session for you guys on my Instagram story, and y’all can shop the looks here! I hope you don’t mind the poor quality pics! I am working with iphone 6 quality here people, so you can only hope for so much. Feel free to let me know what ya think about posts like these, and if you’d like to see more of them! Happy half way to Friday!
Love Always,

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6 Staple Items For Your FW Wardrobe

Happy Saturday everyone!
Last semester, living in Europe, I had limited closet space so I really had to consider what items were worth taking with me as I packed or when I made a purchase. I’ve rounded up my top 6 items for your cold weather wardrobe that I think are worth the space or splurge!

1.Trench Coat –
I love love love this trend! When classic items are trending it’s a match made in heaven for me. I got so much wear out of mine while in Europe.

2.Spanx Leather Leggings
I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but if not let me be the first to tell you, these leggings are ahhmazing! They fit true to size, and like a glove! You’ll feel like you’re wearing a second skin and not just another tight fitting clothing item. These are my go-to bottoms for traveling as well. 

3.Braided Knit Sweaters
Cable knit sweaters have been so popular this season, and thankfully so, because they are super cozy. I styled this one with a white-collar button down underneath, and another time with a stripe turtleneck underneath.

4. Chenille Sweaters-
These sweaters are so comfy and very warm too. I’ve seen chenille sweaters everywhere in several different styles and colors.

5. Leopard Anything-
Leopard scarfs, leopard shoes, or leopard sweaters each make for a spunky detail in an outfit. I’ve had these leopard loafers for about two years now, and I have gotten a ton of wear out of them.

6. Puffer Coat-
Last but not least, a fluffy puffy coat! I bought this one at the Zara in Italy on sale. I was super stoked when I found it marked down because I had looked for a puffer jacket for a while. I took this one with me to Switzerland, and it kept me warm for the entire trip. It even withstood the snow storms this past week in the West Virginia mountains.


Most Worn Items of 2017

Man, it’s the last day of the year and I’m feeling so inspired to write on several different topics. I thought it would be fun to share my most worn items of 2017, which just so happen to be ones I will be taking with me into the new year!

1. Black Ripped Topshop Denim –
These are the first pair of Topshop denim I’ve owned, and I LOVE them. They occasionally go on sale at Nordstrom, so keep a look out. I’ve seen these exact pair go on sale for about $45! They fit true to size and do not stretch much, which I love because there’s nothing worse than ending the day with a saggy pair of jeans.

2. Marc Fisher LTD Espadrille Sandal –
My secret weapon for buying designer shoes on sale is always! I got these Marc Fisher espadrille sandals for around $50 on the 6pm website. I was so stoked! They are originally around $150. These shoes run true to size, and are super comfortable. In 2017, I bought an absurd amount of white shoes, but that’s because they match with everything! I wore these babies all Spring and Summer long.  

3. Adidas Sneakers –
Shoes are my favorite thing to buy because I feel like they really make an outfit. Plus, you can wear them on repeat with a different outfit and no one will bat an eye. However, if you wore the same shirt on repeat for a week I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a few weird looks. Anyways, I bought these sneakers mid-summer and wore all over Europe! The grey color went perfectly with most of the looks I styled while abroad. They run true to size, and are super lightweight. The adidas NEO Courtset are definitely the more affordable version of the Adidas Gazelle sneaker!


A Look back on 2017

As 2017 comes to an end I can’t help but look back on all that has taken place in what seems like no time. It really is true, the older you get the quicker time passes you by. In 2017, I made a point to not just go through the motions of my everyday life, but to truly live in the moment. That may seem like a common resolution, but coming from someone who has always struggled with being content in my day to day life I was determined to make my resolution a reality. Slowly, I saw a difference in my attitude as I began to faced each day with a grateful attitude for what was to come. I put an end to those negative thoughts that affected my overall mood, and traded them for a positive outlook. All it took was a little perspective to go from being upset about having to wake up early in the morning, to being thankful I get the chance to start a new and productive day! Or from dreading an exam for fear of failure, to being excited to conquer the challenge in front of me because I know I did all I could to prepare.

You see, for me, 2017 taught me an awful lot about perspective, and that a little can go a long ways! I learned that perspective, accompanied by a little grace, is the perfect recipe for facing new or different situations life throws at you. Like living in a foreign country for example! At the beginning of 2017 I decided to devote myself to a few key areas in my life. My relationship, my faith, and my work. I challenged myself to give the best (most positive) version of myself in each aspect of myself. By mid-summer my actions became less of a challenge and more of a habit. I felt as if all the pieces of my life in Raleigh were finally falling into place. Will and I became closer than ever before. I was beginning to make real and meaningful relationships at my church in Raleigh as a volunteer on the welcome team! At my job I performed seemingly effortless work as a stylist making genuine connections with customers. I really began to find my grove as I became more comfortable and confident in my abilities (which is huge for me!).
Then I left the country for four months… I remember feeling sort of distraught the closer the calendar crept to August 28th. Everything in my life was going so smoothly, and there I was about to disrupt everything for this something I’ve wanted and planned for so long. Of course, at this point there was no turning back. So, somewhat nervous, a little excited, and a lot hopeful for the best experience of my life, I went to Italy. There I found a carefree, adventurous, and content Maddie like I’ve never known myself to be before. It was everything I prayed for it to be and more.
God was so good to me all 365 days of 2017. One way or another He showed up and answered my prayers. He taught me to cast away my anxiety. To be content with each day and live in the moment. I learned be positive, because it’s contagious. And that a little perspective can go a long ways. Most of all, I learned what it means to appreciate. Appreciate friends, appreciate family, appreciate food, appreciate cultures, appreciate experiences, appreciate this life you’re given by living it to the fullest!

In honor of the last day of the year, I thought I would share some of my favorite looks of 2017!
I hope I have inspired you this year. I am truly thankful to everyone who visits Madd Inspired from time to time.

Kicking off the list of my favorite looks of 2017 is the cutest gingham skirt you ever did see! I got it for a steal of a deal at an H&M sale. I’m talkin’ $7 holla. Not to mention, my espadrille sneakers really top the look off. I wore those things so much they sadly had to retire while I was in Italy 🙁 Anyways, you can read the full post on my ‘gingham style skirt’ by clicking here!

There seems to be a common trend in almost of my favorite looks and that is the color black! (lol) I think wearing the color black can sometimes make a woman feel more confident. It never really goes out of style either, which is probably why I still love all of these looks even though some are from the beginning of the year. Check out the original outfit post here!

This look was featured in my first ever Madd Inspired Abroad post on the highlights and lows of my week in Europe. I really got my money’s worth with these trousers, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! What can I say? I’m a sucker for an effortless, COMFORTABLE, and cute look! If you’re interested in outfit details, more photos, or reading the rest of the post with the gingham pants you can find it by clicking here !

Okay, I think this look takes the cake for being my favorite look of 2017! I loved everything about this day spent in Paris with a mission of love on the top my mind as we wandered around the city. A simple black dress with timeless polka dots and lace detailing topped off with a bold lip helped to solidify the 1920’s vibes that stood out all around the city. I remember feeling as if I were transported to another time, and I was thriving in it! You can read more about my Paris adventure here!

I wore this outfit on repeat while in Europe! It has this effortless look about it while being both comfortable and cute. Incase you missed it you can read more about it by clicking here.

Last but not least, my chunky blue sweater outfit ends the list of my favorite looks of 2017! I bought this sweater just days before my trip to Budapest and Austria for fear of the cold weather I would inevitably face during the weekend ahead. You can find all the outfit details here!