Bow-Tie Sleeves

February 11, 2018 0 Comments

Happy Sunday guys!
I had my eye on a particular tie sleeve sweater that was a bit out of my price range for some time. Of course, I set a sale alert using my ShopStyle app which allows me to search items I want, and I receive a notification when it goes on sale! In the meantime, I found a dupe for the original sweater I was looking at for nearly half the price at Nordstrom. So, I went with that one instead!
It’s the one I’m wearing below. I bought a small, but it fits pretty oversized. I don’t mind since I typically wear it with leggings anyway.
Once I moved back home from Italy could clearly see the differences between European style and American style. For starters, Americans dress super casual on a day to day basis, especially college students! For about two weeks I had no idea what to wear to class. I was distraught as to whether or not I should dress up or just settle for a t-shirt, leggings, and sneakers like everyone else. My go-to look in Italy consisted of a turtleneck + a pair of trousers + fashion sneakers. I would sum up Italian fashion to being simple, classic, and comfortable. In one phrase, business casual European style. They wear mostly neutrals and solids. You would be hard-pressed to find Italian wearing leggings! It’s unheard of!
This sweater helped me to solve my style dilemma by allowing me to combine my both styles through pairing my sweater with comfortable athleisure leggings and fashion sneakers! That way I didn’t feel completely frumpy or entirely over-dressed to class.
It’s all about balance for me this year!

Love Always,

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photos by: Meredith Medlin