Blue sweater

November 29, 2017 0 Comments

 Having limited closet space while abroad has led me to buy minimal prints and colors. I’ve tried to stick with neutral colors entirely, because they are easier to mix and match. Plus, it seems Italians prefer neutrals over bright colors too, and despite my blonde hair and southern accent I still try to fit in here!
As my time in Italy is coming to an end I decided adding a bit more color to my wardrobe wouldn’t be so bad. This sweater is so comfortable. I purchased it at Zara right before my trip to Austria, because I’m terribly afraid of the cold (LOL), and it was the fluffiest sweater I could find in stores! They just restocked it online too, and it is available in five different colors. Of course, I love the chunky cowl neck feature. It does wonders to keep me warm in the winter weather. This sweater is perfect for pairing with my Spanx leather leggings too!
My entire look has total 90’s vibes, and I don’t hate it 😉
What do y’all think? Are you drawn to bright colors more, or do you typically go for the neutrals too?

Ciao for now!
♥ Maddie

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